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Old Comments:

2011-08-05 00:33:43
I'll say ! :)
2011-08-04 20:26:31
It's not a boo boo Mary. The tag simply says 'Quebec'. What many folks would not know is that Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec. A bit confusing, eh ;-)
2011-08-04 06:48:38
Oops... did I make a boo boo ? Apologies for that... :)
2011-08-04 06:17:46
or Quebec City. Like the New England states, the province of Quebec is stunning in Autumn, particularly the Laurentians.
2011-08-04 06:16:57
Here is the link to prove that he lives in Montreal....
2011-08-04 06:13:30
The photographer lives in Montreal, so perhaps this scene is located there.... :)
2011-08-04 05:41:41
where is this place in canada?fantastic view