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Old Comments:

2011-10-11 05:02:48
Hello again libellule, I can't place my comment under yours, I'm still having problems with this comment section, but thanks for the advise, I live in the north east US, close to canada, so we have all four seasons, and some cold temps in winter, but I like your idea, I already have some plants that flower like that, but a few more would be even better. :)
2011-10-11 00:10:24
Oh and BTW Libellule, love your photo. Just beautiful ! :)
2011-10-10 23:48:29
Hi Libellule, Hoping you are well. It's exactly as Le Caneton told you in a previous comment here. You use the paint program and go to the top left hand side of the page and choose image, then stretch/skew and then change the percentage from 100% to whichever number you wish to change it to. I think Jujuba would be far better to ask about this, seeing that she is the one that taught me about the stretch/skew option. Take care, Libellule.... :)
2011-10-10 19:09:51
What climate do you have ? There are plants which don't need care during many years ... Just a good pruning after each flowering, or some straw on the "head" before winter. And no more. I look always for these kinds of flowers ... I'll ask to Mary about picture sizes ... I 'll wait for the moment she will post new ones ... Have also a great day ! For us, it is the end of the evening : 6 PM ...
2011-10-10 18:50:36
Next time, I'll try it :) Thanks :)
2011-10-10 02:07:20
900 px is too big. Try 800 - 820,
2011-10-09 20:44:11
Merci, "Le Caneton" :) Oui, je le fais. Oui, c'est facile. J'utilise Acdsee. Oui, je réduis à 900 px en largeur, mais Pixdaus coupe encore. Et si je mets 850 px, l'image devient toute petite, trop petite ...
2011-10-09 19:52:09
It looks like someone answered your question in french, while I was still writing so I'm glad you got an answer. :)
2011-10-09 19:50:07
I wish I could have a beautiful flower garden like your's and it's so nice that you can capture it with your camera. Where I live I have so many trees, and so much grass to mow, that I get lazy about doing anything else...but maybe next spring I'll plant some more flowers. I think maybe Mary can answer your question about the picture sizes libellule, I have never sized them for pixdaus. talk to you later, have a great day!
2011-10-09 19:45:03
Il arrive automatiquement parce que le format Pixdaus est si petit....Vous devez reduire la taille des photos avant de les envoyer ( post )...Est facile a faire avec Paint ou d'autres programmes similares... Bonne chance !
2011-10-09 19:04:43
Many thanks, skip, for your congratulations :) Yes, the bees and the butterflies are very happy in my garden : there are so many good things to eat. With none chemicals ... But how to do (so that) Pixdaus does not cut the right part of the pictures ?
2011-10-09 18:27:01
Wonderful pic libellue, the colours are so vibrant against that background. And it looks like the bees are happy :)