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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-05-06 15:15:01
Actually I posted details of a pic I uploaded on kev's pic. Thanks for pointing it out... Sorry kev, again!
2009-05-06 15:13:01
Oh s**t! My bad. I posted details of my pic on someone else's! I must apologize to everyone, specifically to you kev, for making this blunder. I don't remember how did it happened. But I think I'll have to be more alert with my multiple pixdaus tabs... :-/
2009-05-06 14:49:42
I agree with the above re colour and size. I also don't like the category on the side. I can no longer select if I want to see all the photos including the -13 -20 etc.
2009-05-06 13:57:03
i have to agree with you on both points,so thats two of complaining at least,there must a few others out there thinking the same
2009-05-05 22:41:00
While I'm complaining -I don't much like the category thing on the right side either.
2009-05-05 22:36:09
I don't know how everyone else feels but I think the green is nice (colorblind people might not think so) -But I don't like the font -underneath the pics some is too small and comment font size a little too big. Just my opinion though-
2009-05-05 22:17:27
...sure does, and I was only teasing you, anyway. ;-)
2009-05-05 19:08:07
no i know that poppy,what i meant was your name wasnt highlighted at the end as usual,but in actual fact i am struggling to see this green text that is being used,thats why i didnt see it,i hope that clears things up
2009-05-05 15:57:35 name did not appear with my comment? ;-) written by: poppy at 2009-05-04 09:01:18
2009-05-04 21:29:14
i'm sorry poppy,i got a bit confused there,your name didn't appear with your comment.
2009-05-04 18:18:02
Who's vanessa? ;-) I am poppy, the butterfly is vanessa.
2009-05-04 17:39:23
i dont understand where the details for this pic have come from ,they are totaly incorrect,i took this photo myself,it is my pic. thank you vanessa for your comments
2009-05-04 16:01:18
Lovely picture, Kev! It really says 'summer!' The butterfly is a Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta).
2009-05-04 15:57:51
The details do not match the pic... are you also kev or did you pop the info on the wrong pic? ;-)
2009-05-04 15:26:43
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