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Old Comments:

2008-07-09 13:53:00
It is an unforgettable town, and there is so much more of it than we see as tourists. We lived near there 1970-76, and it was very different then. No souvenir stands with tourist stuff, lots of pigeons in piazza di San Marco, not nearly so many tourists! Now, I truely think that there are only three or four pigeons, and they belong to photographers (they weren't there either). I do celebrate the resurgence of the masque makers, though. I'll return every chance I get.
2008-02-29 04:28:00
All the same, it's an unforgettable town!
2008-02-29 03:53:40
I had caught a water taxi from that dock just a few months ago, I thought the town was very commercialized. Everywhere it was all shopping... and always a tipping opportunity