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Posted By:A Bouts

Old Comments:

2009-06-09 15:54:58
The President does not bow to the Queen of England. Pateetsio... if Bush walked on water people like you would say, "W cain't swim! W cain't swim!" I'd like you to post a photo of him "kissin' their asses" and "holding their hands". Come on, this is a photo site, and not a "talk is cheap" site. Anyway, we're just having a little good-natured fun with ol' Hopey NcChange after listening to Bush=Hitler for eight years. It's the pendulum swinging, as they say in politics, but you Lefties are all too thin-skinned because down deep inside, you know it's true! How long will it take them to make this comment disappear?
2009-06-09 13:18:33
Not only that..remember the photos of George W. holding their hands after 9-11, and then more recently when he was over there doin' the Sword Dance and generally kissin' their asses? This is just more hypocritical right-wing bullshit. Most people recognise that, which is why this kind of stuff is so quickly voted down.
2009-06-09 11:45:39
Obama is not bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, but bowing to the title. It's the same with the Queen of England. It's just a courtesy
2009-06-08 19:58:08
"Just a little longer, your majesty. I'm well into the destruction of their health care and their economy..."
2009-04-05 05:23:47
2009-04-05 05:00:19
Keep up the pressure ABouts. These eventually will filter out the stupid and those who think they are better off with this charlatan Obi-wan-kobama. Great pic, too. I'm putting it on FB.