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2008-11-03 22:05:46
This is a wheel bug. Category: True Bug Common Name: Wheel Bug Scientific Name: (Arilus cristatus) Other Name(s): Order: Hemiptera Family: Reduviidae Genus: Arilus Species: cristatus General Size: 28mm to 36mm (1.10in to 1.42in) Look for these Colors: brown; gray; blue Noted for their painful bite when disturbed or nonchalant handling. Identified by the ridged or spiny wheel on the pronotum which gives the insect its name. The Wheel Bug operated primarily from summer into fall and feeds on other insects including the slow-moving caterpillars. Its diet forces the Wheel Bug to operate primarily in leafy areas like forests, parks or shrubbery. North American reach includes (but may not be limited to): New York; Pennsylvania; New Jersey; Maryland; Delaware; Virginia; West Virginia; North Carolina; South Carolina; Georgia; Florida; Alabama; Mississippi; Louisiana; Arkansas; Oklahoma; Texas; New Mexico.