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Old Comments:

2009-07-23 07:48:11
I think that little squirrel is a right royal pranit !!!
2009-07-22 23:34:24
Not any more. I need much more time than you. It was exhausting. I'm done with the writing for this month!! :P
2009-07-22 23:30:31
Jumping from branch to branch squirrel fell right at a asleep wolf. The wolf jumps, and wanted to eat her. Squirrel began: - Please, let me go! Wolf said: -I will, but first tell me how is it that you are so happy . I am always so bored and sad, and when I look at you, you are always happy and playing. Squirrel said: -Let me first on the tree, so I will say you from the tree. -Here I am to scared to tell. The wolf let her go and a squirrel jumps on the tree and said: -You all so sad because you're evil and malice grips your heart. And we are happy because we are good and we harm no one! /Lav Nikolajevic Tolstoj/
2009-07-22 23:23:19
It's just a photo!! :-)