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Old Comments:

2011-05-23 08:03:11
Thankyou for your support, Connie. I appreciate it very much. And it was very nice of you to say kind words about Coy and Gabrielle too...
2011-05-23 07:56:34
Sorry Gabrielle. I said that I didn't want to comment anymore and I don't really want to say it and then keep on commenting. I'm so sick of this back biting, these people that must spoil it for everyone else, especially those who do not deserve it and only want to be nice and to treat people here in a courteous manner. It's like we are being punished because we choose to be nice. I certainly do not wish to be mean. What is the point of that ? Is the world going to be a better place if one more is going to be mean ? I think not. Ever since some posters have left, the pictures have gone down in quality. I know that the pictures I posted weren't as good as others, but I tried to post the best that I could. Thankyou Gabrielle for your kind words. I certainly do appreciate them and it's really lovely to be speaking to someone like you, Gabrielle. I also wish you well in your life. You are a breath of fresh air here, unlike some others here who feel they must be troublemakers. Please take care and thankyou again.... Mary.... :)
2011-05-23 07:28:34
Please do not leave Pixdaus, Mary. That means that the meanies win. Hang in there and ignore the bad-mouthers, they are ignorant, dim witted spoilers who enjoy putting others down. I have always enjoyed your posts and will miss them if you go. Whatever you decide I wish you well.
2011-05-21 23:16:35
Roger the Codger sometimes signs his comments as patito.
2011-05-21 22:07:55
Roz from Oz has her head up her ass.
2011-05-21 21:21:37
I don't think you are being very fair Roz from Oz. I've never observed PictureGirl nor Gabrielle 'support' anyone...except making comments in support of the site. These two, along with Coy and some others, have always been polite and acted kindly towards all.
2011-05-21 10:33:06
".....fools and fanatics are always so sure of themselves...." You just describe yourself...
2011-05-21 09:34:10
Roz from Oz. Let me be very clear - I do not support anyone on this site. Especially anyone who is either rude or a smart-arse at the expense of others. I have had friendly exchanges with quite a few people and hope to continue to do so. I am interested in fine photography and I really detest the back-biting and personal criticism that some (deluded) people seem to enjoy.
2011-05-21 07:32:24
If it's because I am nice to Patito, then that isn't a good reason how I would support him. I am nice to EVERYONE, at least I try to be. I think from this point on, I will stop commenting any further on this site. I am sick of certain people pointing the finger at me for things that I never do. Thankyou everyone for your kindness and your votes. It's been lovely knowing you all. Take care, all of you....
2011-05-21 07:13:47
And how do I do that, Roz from Oz ?
2011-05-21 06:11:18
Sorry, I meant to say that PictureGirl continues to support patito, not that Gabrielle does--at least not so overtly.
2011-05-21 06:09:24
Interesting Gabrielle, whenever there is quibbling there always seems to be patito. Yet you continually support him even though you don't like his quibbling.
2011-05-21 05:34:47
Spot on, Gabrielle.... :)
2011-05-21 04:56:50
Please stop the quibbling and enjoy the marvellous picture. Pixdaus should be about photos - not personalities.
2011-05-20 19:30:39
I guess Russell's saying would include all religious believers because they are so sure that their religion is the only true one - the only one whose members will go straight to heaven. I can't think of any other group of people that are more zealous in their beliefs. If we are very sure of our beliefs, we stop listening to what others tell us, we stop seeking out knowledge and learning; we stop developing as human beings. The more I read, the more I realize I don't know much. IF I had to chose between one of you, it would be Poppy ... the username of 'helping connie' is more her style. You would more likely have used the name 'shut up connie' or some such ;-)
2011-05-20 09:32:38
Be Alert is exactly the kind of person Bertrand Russell was talking about whe he said ".....fools and fanatics are always so sure of themselves...."
2011-05-19 19:40:08
You are not so alert anymore connie. The name helping connie is condescending and sarcastic. Who is always that with you? Its patito or poppy, but I'm sure its patito.
2011-05-18 19:06:32
I found this photo somewhere else, and it did not have a caption. It did mention the photographer's name and the site. I tried to find it there but could not. I always use the correct caption, name the photographe if there is a name, and the location. But, thank you, for providing the correct caption.
2011-05-18 10:10:34
Wow! A very striking photo, I certainly would not want to be out in that storm.
2011-05-18 09:42:29
Philipp Klinger's actual caption for this photo was: "They say you shouldn't be out here on a plain day during a thunderstorm".