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Old Comments:

2013-11-26 04:25:25
I love this…it's fascinating on so many levels. It's a work of art.
2010-10-24 18:15:27
"That's as far as I'm allowed to go!"
2009-08-11 15:44:05
What a beautiful world Photoshop has given us. Now, if I could only find a way to add a strategically-placed bird and a magical formation of clouds during a date ...
2008-08-28 07:08:36
Wise mumbling! :-)
2008-08-28 05:08:02
this is what I mumbled to myself as I was admiring the pic: "really a beautiful picture, shows the beauty of planet earth"
2008-07-22 06:05:32
This is in my top favorites too.
2008-05-20 08:36:32
This one of my alltime favourites! By commenting on it, it'll be exposed to new viewers again (if they are comment readers).
2008-01-18 07:05:47
why do people take totally great pictures and make them into stupid monstrosities by p-chopping in stupid shit!?!?!?!?
2008-01-16 08:00:44
Same here, Zaphod! ;-)
2008-01-16 01:49:15
I wonder how to make pictures like this..