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Old Comments:

2008-12-06 04:07:50
Oh, yeah...and (George) Roy Hill was an American movie producer/director.
2008-10-27 04:14:56
This is just one of a group of photos that have been circulating on the internet for the past several years. At one time or another they have been claimed to be storm photos from Australia, May, 2005; Southern Alberta, July, 2005; Ontario, August, 2005; and hurricane Katrina, August, 2005. Yeah, Katrina really devastated the prairie cornfields of Louisanna and the Gulf coast. In actuality, this photo, along with several others were taken by storm chaser Mike Hollingshead, in Kansas and Nebraska (where they really do have cornfields that stretch over vast flat prairie) during the summers of 2002 and 2004. Google it or go to . You can also go to Mike Hollingshead's web site.
2008-10-26 04:27:14
...then we have to feel sorry for poor Roy Hill, the photographer, if he did not know which country he was in when he took the picture. ;-)
2008-10-26 02:45:03
This is not Australia. It was taken by a storm chaser in Kansas/Nebrasks USA.