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Old Comments:

2009-05-07 10:32:13
Ahhh...that's your reference to a hospital. Here's something that might help you resist the temptation of eating being a born-again christian. God said our body is the temple of our soul, so it is a SIN to not take care of it. Alleluia and amen ;-)
2009-05-07 10:09:28
"prep the cardaiac unit.." I already have a zipper in my chest so it will be easy access this time.
2009-05-07 10:02:26
P.S...Frederick Law Olmstead, the fellow who designed Central Park in NYC, toured Texas on horseback with his brother back in the 1840's, during the time of the Republic..he was fairly harsh in his condemnation of the food in Texas, referring to it as "the Eternal Fried"...
2009-05-07 09:56:49
If you'd chicken-fry that bacon it'd count..roll the baocn in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, then dip it in an egg wash, then roll it in flour again and fry it in hot grease..uummm...then call the ER and have 'em prep the cardaiac unit..
2009-05-07 09:51:27
Great pics Connie...Always posted greats pictures...Congratulations.....
2009-05-07 09:01:48
Sounds like the exact stuff Paula Deen cooked on the Food Network. I could feel my arteries harden just watching. And loved every minute of it.
2009-05-07 08:59:12
I haven't fried a thing since 2001 when I got out of the mental..... regular hospital. Does bacon count? And does that meet at least two of the three groups in Patito's list.
2009-05-07 07:56:53
Make sure your daily diet includes the three basic southern food groups...meat, flour and grease !
2009-05-07 07:15:44
Not fried...sauteed...Americans and their fried food! ;-) Anyways, canola and olive oil are the good oils...lots of omega...lowers the bad cholesterol.
2009-05-07 03:43:54
Just think, you start with this and can end up with tasty fried foods.