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Old Comments:

2010-02-03 03:01:42
And this nation is set to become one of, if not the, most powerful in the world in years to come...
2008-09-20 00:35:07
Poor boy... :(
2008-09-16 02:48:27
Ummm...Gotinha - Jim's comment wasn't aimed at you. The comment is about a regime that has to resort to such measures to assure the compliance and attention of their armed forces. At least they haven't gone so far as to lip-sync a "cuter" girl singing for the opening of the Olympics...oh, wait.
2008-09-14 08:50:23
Damn it Jim! I'm a doctor, not a paramilitary policeman!
2008-09-14 07:55:19
Jim, pardon?!??!
2008-09-14 07:45:45
If you have to resort to that in order to obtain someone's respect or even attention, you're not worth it.