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Old Comments:

2011-01-11 11:09:41
Read PG's first comment for the proof. Tineye shows about 36 pictures posted on pixdaus for this picture. But when you click the links, it takes you to other pictures on Pixdaus (except the first one that takes us to Casaubon's). I have tineyed dozens of pictures (different ones that I suspected were duplicates) from Pixdaus, and it happens to most of them. But it does not happen with other sites that post those pics. When you click on their links the picture shows up, not another one. So, its not a glitch with Tineye.
2011-01-11 07:46:13
ok connie you old fox, you fooled me for a minute or two. as tineye you came up with no technical info at all but merely rambled on... whothehellyouare, let's have some proof about your allegations!
2011-01-11 07:33:34
tineye: you sound too technical to be connie, therefore you must be someone else. ho-hum. mea culpa. what proof do you have that pixdaus is scrambling their links? if that's what they are doing, that's not acceptable! your last paragraph sounds like written by someone who is employed by tineye. let us know what is really going on... please.
2011-01-11 06:56:11
They are not gone skip, those pictures are still there, they only had their link numbers changed by pixdaus. Tineye is very easy and quick to use, so no excuse for reposts. Search under tineye, then click on Tineye Reverse Image, then Search, then select picture you want to upload, then click Search. Just forget about clicking on the link at tineye because pixdaus has already changed (scrambled) the majority of their links so you get sent to a different picture. But it will show if the picture was already posted and how many times, because pixdaus cant delete the pictures on tineye. It would be very easy but a lot of work for pixdaus to mix the links. Tineye is a program created for photographers to find out where their pictures are being posted. Tineye is a business like pixdaus, so pixdaus should not try to harm tineye’s credibility and usefulness to photographers who have the right to see where their pictures are posted.
2011-01-11 06:12:57
tineye's comment is full of crapola. since when has connie been an expert in technical computer matters? how could pixdaus be mixing the links so that searches in tineye could not make hits on our pages? connie did not even "have" tineye till recently although it was explained to to her several times that anyone could "have it" by simply going to the site address. OF COURSE TINEYE IS CONNIE. grow up, people, are you blind or what? life after connie is also typical connie blurb. abilene/aline, come back as connie because you are not fooling any of us anyway.
2011-01-10 19:21:50
Hope you have a great day at work, Danis.... :)
2011-01-10 18:04:06
Hi my friends, I did a search with the name of the photographer ( Norbert Maier), and there is one similar photo as "Stillness", not this I have posted. This one is "Stillness II" as the photographer named it. I have to go to my work now,have a nice day everyone :)
2011-01-10 14:51:03
Well Bugger Red. AKA Bonobo Dos, AKA Polecat, AKA patito, there you go again showing us your great vocabulary and charming personality. As well as your ability to upvote, and downvote, comments. By the way, you should work on your spelling, it is Abilene, as most Texans would know.
2011-01-10 14:39:54
True there is no harm in an accidental repost, but where is the harm in pointing out a repost? Doing so could actually be a service and not a gripe at all. You talk about "after enough time goes by"; a good idea, but who is to determine when enough time is enough time? Deliberate reposts could become a serious problem, especially is posters are mining the Pixdaus archives for their posts. A few have been accused of this. however, the evidence always seems inconclusive, from my standpoint.
2011-01-10 14:31:04
Go fuck yourself, Abeline, you pusillanimous pile of festering buzzard shit.
2011-01-10 14:25:57
But not you patito, AKA Polecat, we all know that you can achieve orgasm with your goat!
2011-01-10 12:23:16
well if thirty six were here, they are gone now, and who is being hurt by seeing this again?
2011-01-10 12:23:00
Thankyou tineye for the explanation why the results of the links on Tineye for Pixdaus. are all over the place. I wasn't aware that Pixdaus mixed them all up. No wonder we get alot of reposts then here. If the links showed the right photo in the first place, it would make things much easier here on Pixdaus. I'm sure that we would eliminate alot of repostings. As I said before on a previous post, reposts are an inevitable part of Pixdaus. There are alot of people visiting this site on a daily basis. We're bound to see a picture on here that has been around here before. Thankyou again, tineye. Have a wonderful day... :)
2011-01-10 12:22:24
Why gripe about it ? Because some people have such vacuous, empty and meaningless lives that their greatest satisfaction is to hover like goddamn buzzards waiting to swoop down on somebody for reposting a photo. It's probably the only way they can achieve orgasm.
2011-01-10 12:19:25
skip, casaubon did not post all of the 36 pictures, one copy was posted not very long ago.
2011-01-10 12:10:57
It seems like a waste of time to keep complainning about pics being reposted here, we are not the photographers, and many people like the same pics, I understand.. if it's a recent repost, but after enough time goes by, why gripe about it?
2011-01-10 12:06:57
I saw that for myself PG. Since Connie said that pixdaus was mixing the links Ive been checking for myself a lot of pixdaus pics posted on pixdaus with tineye. Tineye is for photographers to check where their photos are showing up - see Wikipedia for yourself. Pixdaus is doing that on purpose so photographers wont go after them. But they cant remove the photos from tineye which shows you how many were posted on pixdaus. but you get another pic when you click on the link. This happens to most pics I check from pixdaus. Ive seen this photo many times on pixdaus. AND IM NOT CONNIE
2011-01-10 12:03:56
Also if we have not seen this pic for a real long time, since it's been quite awhile since casaubon, was posting here, what is the problem? since we are not the photographers, and many people are seeing this pic for the first time, just like me, or even if I have seen it before, I don't remember it, and it's worth seeing again. :)
2011-01-10 11:28:54
To tineye rules, most of the links do not take you to the above pic. They take you to different pictures that have been posted on Pixdaus. if you don't believe me, try some of the links and see what you come up with....
2011-01-10 11:16:15
Tineye shows this pic was posted 36 times on pixdaus, so check before posting