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Old Comments:

2009-04-27 01:48:50
Her right eye is unusual. There is a spot below the iris, or the iris 'bleeds' down.
2009-04-27 00:00:11
What kind of vital clue is suggested by her eye?
2009-01-07 22:26:44
How can someone vote negative for this picture? Such people are either ignorant or stupid - or both! Must something like this or something worse happen to you until you wake up? Open your eyes and read the text. It's a cry for help of madeleine's parents. It doesn't matter if the pic itself is nice or not. THIS IS A MESSAGE AND A CRY FOR HELP OF DESPARATE PARENTS !!! This way, Sonny750 tries to reach as many people as possible.
2009-01-07 19:00:39
thanks connie, i absolutely agree with you! this case has been in the media for many month, so everybody should know that it's not a bad joke or something similar. everyone: downvote my other pics if you think you have to, but not this one!
2009-01-07 03:20:18
Why would this be downvoted?? This is a family trying to find a little girl. They are reaching out across the Internet in the hope that someone will spot the little girl. The people that downvoted this are sick!!!!!
2009-01-06 18:58:52
Please read this message and pass it on! As you are aware my niece, Madeleine, is still missing and I am asking everyone I know to send this as a chain letter i.e. you send it to everyone you know and ask them to do the same, as the story is only being covered in Britain, Eire and Portugal. We don't believe that she is in Portugal anymore and need to get her picture and the story across Europe as quickly as possible. Suggestions are welcome. Phil McCann