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2008-10-26 11:50:58
Hay Poppy , just a quick hello. hope all is well with you !!! I made myself a snowball, as perfect as can be I thought I'd keep it as a pet, and let it sleep with me I made it some pajamas, and a pillow for its head then last night it ran away, but first it wet the bed!!!
2008-10-20 09:28:31
A little boy came in a shoe shop and asked for shoe laces. - You what? - Asked prodavshitsa. - One left and one right. Recently arrived from Russia to Israel, one man needed money and went to the center of in vitro fertilization, where Sperm donors are paid $ 50. But because the center head his friend, whom he knew in Russia, naturally, man went up first in the cabinet of a friend. He learned about the purpose of the visit, immediately pulled from his pocket an amount equal to the rate of Israeli fifty dollars and said that he is not appearing. A friend took the money, but expressed displeasure that he now somebody should, and could earn the money. The doctor he replied: - You idiot! Then you every time find themselves with a woman in bed, you think: `` Well, now lost yet 50 dollars! `` The sense of guilt muchilo of Dr. H. whole day. Ironically, he tried to forget about it, nothing worked. Nerves napryaglis to limit. But at times it sounded invigorate inner voice: Yeah do not worry you so. You're not the first and not last doctor who snoshaetsya with patients. But there is always the second, podlenky a voice back it a reality: But you also did a veterinarian ... Another writes a letter Georgians son, also a student: Son, daragoy, it sold something that took something where you bought the Volga. Ezdi, daragoy, and ride! The son wrote a response: Dad! Thank you, but all travel by bus, I will not convenience! Pope: Son, daragoy, sorry! It sold something that took something where you bought bus. Ezdi, daragoy of all people!