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Old Comments:

2011-03-11 04:59:25
'bad uploading' is poppy, pixdaus' monitor. Its quite possible she deleted your pics Bird - the only one with the ability to delete pics and comments. Many people like JChip8 upload photos that are Getty Images and/or its indicated the pics were disabled by the photographer from being downloaded. They know how to circumvent that. Some alter the picture by removing the photographers' names at the bottom of their pics or remove their frames, some don't give the photographers' names etc etc. Why does pixdaus not remove all those? Because they are poppy's friends. These things is what is offensive to the photographers. These uploaders keep doing this and nothing is said, they get away from it. The problem here Big Bird is that you are not in the 'in circle' - a group of cyberfriends who run things here...led by poppy the monitor.
2011-03-10 21:31:26
No bad uploading, Pixdaus did not remove the photos, it is my guess that you did it, and just who are you anyway? Why the troll name? When a photographer places photos on his/her own website with arrows, is it up to me to remove them? If they were offensive to that photographer, I am sure that he/she would not have them on their own website. You are right about one thing, however, the arrows were there to enable moving to the next photo by clicking on them. And, depending upon who uploaded the photo, you would not have made these comments or removed the photo in the first place.
2011-03-10 18:23:22
All the ones that disappeared had a common denominator: arrows or partial arrows (one in this picture on the right) that on some sites appear on the photos so that a viewer can click to the previous or next picture. Big Bird, if you cannot learn to save the pictures without the arrows, don't take them. More than likely, Pixdaus removed them. It is one thing to upload other people's art without permission and quite another to do it in such a manner as to ruin the photographs. The image, the way it now stands, can absolutely be offensive to the photographer.
2011-03-10 10:04:27
This is a repost. It is one of four of my images, that I uploaded yesterday, that simply disappeared without a trace. It was not voted down and off, so I am assuming that somebody removed it, but I have no idea why. This is an image that can in absolutely no way be offensive to anybody.