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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-06-24 01:52:05
also when i named the pic "stately home" it was done tongue in cheek as i simply didn't know where it was,i didnt mean it literally apologies
2009-06-24 01:42:44
i must apologise poppy,i hadn't realised that you had sent me a link,i appreciate the info thank you,i'm afraid it's my irish blood it dosen't flow to my brain properly it struggles to get past the guinness reservoir i have stored up
2009-06-23 03:31:25
I don't mind you thanking Patito, but I gave you the link to the Peterhof info. ;-)
2009-06-23 00:04:38
thank you patito for the info
2009-06-22 22:29:28
It's in Saint Petersburg ( the one in Russia, not the one in Florida ) and is sometimes called the Russian home to the University of St. P'burg....
2009-06-22 18:41:28
sorry no wiser,what and where is peterhof ?
2009-06-22 18:14:37
Stately home, indeed. It's Peterhof.