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Old Comments:

2011-09-27 01:26:17
A woman should never be a slave to a prick.
2011-09-27 00:57:31
We know you'd be most interested in a putz if it was standing up, Connie : )
2011-09-26 23:39:39
Someone called you putz and said the photo you uploaded was all over the Internet. Under the comments, I said that they could have said that in a nicer way, and I asked what Putz meant. I got a garbled answer. So, I looked in my dictionary and found the meaning. After someone tried to dictate to PictureGirl, you and many others what not to post, I decided to post this and another one to show that 'insult' words mean nothing unless you give it weight, and one can turn this around in a humourous way. Also, no one has the right to be a dictator and tell us what to post and what not to post, be it about food or rooms or whatever .... as long as it's not porn or racist. I guess my joke fell flat.
2011-09-26 22:59:30
So, putzman, you call me a 'putz' because I up-loaded an image that had been on the internet many times before? Why me? I am certainly not the first user to have done that. Besides, the photo I uploaded is certainly more appropriate here than your poster image. How many times do you think that your image will appear on the internet?