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Old Comments:

2010-04-25 12:44:43
Thanks, flight69. I already got the Vascão river from this same picture you posted at flickr, and together with Caldeirão I knew this was Algarve. Glad that you confirm the flower as Echium plantagineum, which is what PictureGirl arrived at. It is nice to see photographers posting their own pics at Pixdaus, so please post some more! - If you know the name of the plants, etc, it would be nice for us to know...
2010-04-25 11:34:54
hi guys, thanks a lot for your interest, i agree on the "Soagem" or "Salvation Jane" (Echium plantagineum), but i can't also be too sure. i googled it and seems this plant can be cultivated too, only that would explain its appearance in Australia... this picture was not taken in any garden but on the banks of a small river, the Vascão, which runs through the Caldeirão mountains into the Guadiana. This plant grows wild on uncultivated lands, and that's probably what happens here. they flourish for more than a mile on both river sides... the tree is a Sobreiro (Quercus suber)... best regards from Portugal flight69
2010-04-25 11:13:08
The reason I said that was because Mikael Agricola (1510-1557) was the 'father' of the Finnish (written) language. ;-)
2010-04-25 11:03:41
My Finnish ? Smooth, not too malty,with a distinct sharp bite of Cascade hops on the backside. I'm best served at a temp of c. 40 F, and go well with beef, goat, mutton and wild game.
2010-04-25 10:09:51
Sorry Poppy, my comment to Agricola went into the wrong area... :(
2010-04-25 10:09:04
You have to be really careful with doing that to plants. Weeds can grow anywhere. They are not fussy (nearly wrote fuzzy, sorry FBO) where they grow. I have an unidentified plant growing with one of my Sempervivums. I'm going to wait and see what it does and if I don't like it or can identify it, and it's not a friendly plant, then out it comes. At the moment, it looks like a weed called 'petty spurge' (Euphorbia peplus). But it maybe not that either. I will bide my time with it and see what eventuates. I'm so sorry Agricola that you had so much trouble with that weed. I googled it too and it looks like a very nice looking plant. But looks can be deceiving sometimes. We have a huge Grevillea Robusta growing in our courtyard. The ciurtyard belongs to 20 flats so it's a big area. But from time to time seeds of that will grow in my pot plants. I take them out straight away, even the ones that grow in the flats' garden, as they can get pretty huge. We also have a cracking problem with our flats so we have to be careful what we grow around the area....
2010-04-25 10:02:00
I just knew that this was Paterson's Curse (Salvation Jane). I know the way it grows and those flowers are a dead giveaway. Thankyou Poppy for confirming what I thought it was all the time... :)
2010-04-25 03:22:52
Sounds familiar; I have nursed many a harmless-looking (and pretty) flower into a weed that took over half the garden. - I have to google Creeping Beggar Weed now. Thanks for the story, Agricola. (How's your Finnish?)
2010-04-25 03:00:56
Some very pretty flowers are like that. Several years ago I noticed a small clover-like plant in my front yard. It had pretty little purple/violet flowers on it, and I let it stay. It grew and grew, became a small bush, spread and prospered, and before long those pretty flowers had become little flat sticky seed pods about 3/16ths of an inch long that stuck to everything: shoelaces, stockings, pants cuffs, dog and cat furr, everything. And there were zillions of them. When I tried removing it I discovered to my dismay that it had spread tendrils at ground level all over the yard and was coming up everywhere. I found later, after a long and weary struggle to eradiacte it, that it was called Creeping Beggar Weed and is considered to be a major lawn pest in this part of the world.We live and learn.
2010-04-25 01:29:59
Hi Mary / PictureGirl: AHA! I searched under ‘Salvation Jane’ which is another name for Echium plantagineum, and the above pic popped up; it is taken in Berringama, Australia. Now the colour and even the shape are matching! Well done, Mary! Hurrah! You deserve the Pixdaus Sherlock Holmes Award! - How odd that searches under the Latin name or Paterson’s Curse did not produce pics where the flowers looked like the ones in flight69’s pic… The photographer said of the above pic: “I took this pic travelling over the New South Wales/Victoria border some years ago. The purple is flowers from a noxious weed that takes over the natural vegetation in farmers' paddocks and destroys any feed available for cattle, sheep and other animals dependent on natural grasses. Named Salvation Jane or Patterson's Curse, it really is a curse to any farmers trying to keep control of it.” – Somewhat of a pest in your country, then.
2010-04-25 01:14:41
Here's a close up of Echium plantagineum.... Thanks for the links again, Poppy. I'll have to have a think about this. I'm off to bed though now. It is nearly 10 minutes past midnight, (Sunday morning). Thanks again, Poppy... :)
2010-04-25 01:02:02
Above are two pics of massed echiums - they just don't match, they have 'tufty' leaves right underneath the flowers, and the flowers branch off the main stem differently. As I said, the jury is still out; I don't believe in the iris theory, either. ;-)
2010-04-25 00:31:21
That's definitely not a iris in Flight69's photo, Poppy. We sometimes have Echiums growing wild even in the suburb where I live and I've seen them growing over the road from where I live in another street. They are always quite purple too. The flowers in Flight69's photo look so much like Echium. They have the same characteristics of the flower. Unless there is another flower that has the same characteristics as the Echium does. Not sure what that could be though. Looks like more research has to be done for this plant. Many thanks for the links, Poppy. Very much appreciated. Have a great day... :)
2010-04-25 00:11:53
The general outlines of Echium plantagineum do not match, and they are smaller flowers than the flowers in flight69's pic. Echiums are also more pinkish than these... Flight69 wrote above this photo in flickr that he was sitting on the bank of the Vascão River, which is in Algarve, Portugal, as is Serra do Caldeirão (see the caption). I searched for Algarve wildflowers and the closest flower was Iris subbiflora, but the jury is still out... Here's one of them:
2010-04-24 22:51:20
These look like Paterson's Curse to me, Poppy. Here is a link about them. I maybe wrong about the ID of this plant. It is very hard to make out the leaves properly...
2010-04-24 22:43:39
What flowers are these? Do you know, flight69?