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Old Comments:

2010-07-30 00:49:52
You are very welcome. And I will try to have good dreams too... :) You have a wonderful day as well.. :)
2010-07-29 23:58:39
Many thanks, Mary PG :) Have a good night ! Make good dreams ! :)
2010-07-29 23:53:19
Looks like Vronja maybe a lady and is named Veronika. Hope that's correct, Vronja.... :)
2010-07-29 23:43:28
Well, I assume that Vronja is a man, but don't quote me on that... :) I saw your pictures and I thought they are very good. I voted for some of them too. I think you take great photos, Libellule. I'm sure that Vronja will help with the size difference of the photos.... :)
2010-07-29 23:38:39
Oh ! Pixdaus allowed, no problem ... If you click on my name, I posted 12. But there is a so big difference of quality between what I have on my screeen in full size, and what comes on PIxdaus :( I am going to do what you say : try to obtain some advices from Vronja. Yes, his pictures are beautiful. ( Are sure he is a man ?)
2010-07-29 23:28:50
Many thanks, Coy. I love the dark purple of this beautiful flower and the silky smooth texture of the petals... :) PS... and the purple and white primulas are very pretty too.... :)
2010-07-29 23:26:56
You are most welcome, Libellule. I am happy that you are feeling well and that it is not so warm for you. But I am so sorry about Pixdaus not allowing you to post some of your photos. I'm no good with taking pictures either. Perhaps our newest photographer here 'Vronja',can give you a few tips about that. His photos are very beautiful.
2010-07-29 23:20:31
Thanks, Mary PG, to ask me how I am feeling :) I am feeling well : it is not too warm these last days. But I am a little disappointed : I bought a new camera, hopping to post better pics. Last Saturday, I went to the castle of Valençay to make a "safari-photos". I kept 5 pictures, good enough when they are in a size 3.5 Mo. But in the small size allowed on Pixdaus, they lost most of their quality. And Pixdaus cut a part of one in a "landscape" shape. (That what we saw sometimes). I wonder how professionals make to have so good pictures with such contrastes, with/in small sizes. It is a mystery for me :(
2010-07-29 22:33:06
This is good P.G., but I like your upload just before this one of the purple and white Primula best...
2010-07-29 14:22:45
Many thanks, Libellule. How are you going these days ? I hope you are feeling well and happy... :)
2010-07-29 14:14:24
2010-07-29 14:04:07