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Old Comments:

2010-08-12 23:56:11
Oh yes, the cold will pass and then the heat will replace it and then I will long for this cold weather to come back again. You just can't win, can you ? Still, things could be worse. Here is what it is like now in Melbourne.... Those few lazy clouds wondering on a blue sky sound beautiful. This grey and the overcast clouds can get a bit much. Take care, Peasant. Hugs and kisses to you also... :)
2010-08-12 23:35:57
Heh, that cold&windy&rainy weather will pass. Here in Zagreb is just perfect day: Wind direction:E / Wind velocity (m/s) 03 / Air temperature (°C) 27 / Relative humidity (%) 49 / Atmospheric pressure (hPa) 1013.0 / Weather condition: mainly clear. Just a few lazy white clouds wondering on a blue sky... :) CU PG.. Hugs&kisses from sunny Croatia.
2010-08-12 22:51:51
I'm ok thankyou for asking, Peasant. Glad you are well. Yes, it is cold here in Melbourne. Strong winds and rain. More of the same on the weekend. Well, it's winter I guess. Hope it's not too warm where you are. I can understand why this would make you smile. That cat is a very clever one. And I agree with you, cat rules. This one certainly does ! Take care, Peasant... :)
2010-08-12 22:10:28
Hy Mary, Yeah, I'm just fine. How are you? What's new down/up there in Australia? Still cold? I saw this for the first time today. Make me smile. Cat rules! ;)
2010-08-12 22:00:06
Hi Peasant, Hope you are well. I've seen this video alot of times on TV on our home video show on Saturday nights. They use it to introduce prizeson the show. Each time I see this I am amazed at how this cat can do this and how fast he/she is able to get up that wall too. Thankyou for posting this video, Peasant. Have a great day... :)