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Old Comments:

2008-08-14 11:31:21
Don't say anything more or they'll all find out that Pikachew Xenu the warrior Princess is real...
2008-08-13 19:21:12
You're probably talking about the sphinx most visitors see, which is actually a plaster reproduction built by the Illuminati, the Vatican, and the CIA. They don't want tourists trampling around on the real sphinx,see, because one of 'em might stumble upon the opening to the Secret Library and find out about the tropical plants growing at the North and South Poles and spoil the plans of the Elders of Zion to take over everything and achieve the New World Order.
2008-08-13 18:08:15
Was my comment too far fetched?
2008-08-13 17:08:07
looks strangely unfamiliar! Was this before soldiers from an occupying army used the face to take pot-shots at?
2008-08-13 17:00:21
Dawg had to go a long way to bring a couple of those comments back, but you know the ol' dawg, he's always eager to play 'get the stick.'
2008-08-13 06:44:32
Your photos make my day. Many thanks.
2008-08-13 05:17:51
Woops, I meant Edgar, not Edward, above. Doh!
2008-08-12 23:34:02
Woops, I meant Edgar, not Edward, above. Doh!
2008-08-12 23:27:04
What an amazing pic, and to think we may never have even seen it had it been a while longer out in the sand! We were definitely meant to find it, and the above info is from several sources, including Edward Cayce, who predicted the right shoulder would give way, creating the opening. Ironically, with the government in Egypt also knowing this information, they have taken great care to repair that side of the sphinx, with the repairs easily seen in photographs. (Check out the difference in types of stone.)
2008-08-12 22:08:48
And now tell us how come, seein' as how all this secret info is carefully hidden away, that YOU happen to know about it?
2008-08-12 21:48:20
2008-08-12 21:39:55
There is a secret hidden library under the Sphynx containing knowledge of our extraterrestrial origins. This knowledge is being kept from us by the Illuminati, the government - The Vatican library has vast amounts of information it has selectively prevented the public from knowing for it's own devious manipulative purposes in trying to hang on to it's power over the masses.