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Old Comments:

2010-09-12 12:47:20
We have many from China, Asia and India as well, but I'm not too sure if we have more of these nationalities in Melbourne than you do where you are, Connie. I find them all very nice people too. I worked with many of them and found each of them very pleasant... :)
2010-09-12 12:40:31
Our biggest immigrant population in Vancouver is first China/HongKong/Taiwan (we have the biggest Chinese population outside of Asia), then Sikhs from the Punjab Region of India.
2010-09-12 10:34:40
I don't blame you for loving ethnic food, Connie. Melbourne has the second largest Greek population in the world. Of course, Greece is the first...:)
2010-09-12 10:30:00
Thankyou Danis. The Greek menu certainly is an exciting one. The foods are just so beautiful to eat... :)
2010-09-12 05:56:25
You spell it just the write way PG.This sweet pie you describe is shamali and is an old traditional greek sweet.
2010-09-12 04:56:06
We have a good size Greek population in Vancouver - so lots of good Greek restaurants - one of my favourite foods. They have a street festival every year. The street for about four blocks is closed to traffic. There is food, music, etc. The Italians, East Indians and Chinese also have that. I love ethnic food!
2010-09-11 17:01:53
I think that my dad used to eat this. I've never had this dish myself. I've had other Greek dishes though. My sister used to make a cake made of semolina and almonds and a very rich, sweet syrup. My sister used to cut it into squares and it would have an almond in the middle of each square, I used to love eating that. We have a few Greek pastry shops near where I live so I should go and see if they have that cake there. I think the cake is called and I hope I spell it right.. shamali. I somehow think I didn't spell that word the right way. Apologies if I didn't...
2010-09-11 16:12:50
Yes PictureGirl, it is called "spanakopita". Spanakopita = spinach pie!
2010-09-11 10:25:21
I'm sure that if you have a Greek pastry shop near you, that they would sell this there. I have also left a link here as to what this dish is made of... :)
2010-09-11 10:13:46
Oh god, that looks amazing. *wants some*