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Posted By:willya

Old Comments:

2008-06-08 12:07:47
get over yourself old man, i'm still sexist and juvenile, and you're still not the moral police.
2008-06-07 23:34:38
See , fyi-w ? It is possible for you to make a comment that isn't sexist or juvenile..didn't hurt all that much , did it ? I'm startin' to think there's hope for you, depsite my previous misgivings.
2008-06-07 22:24:49
agree, i LOVE this series by Sowa, he has such affection for the piggies, and a solid talent to paint his affectionate visions.
2008-06-06 21:18:58
Have to assume the negative votes are because this is a painting ( by the German artist Michael Sowa ) and not a photograph... but it is a great image .