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Posted By:aglaia

Old Comments:

2008-03-15 09:05:55
one of the workers brought a child to work from kindergarten cause it's evening time and she had to work overtime but kindergarten only open till certain time or because the lady is on vacation and she stopped by work with her kid... to chat with friends and show them the kid... who knows? there could be plenty of reasons...
2008-03-06 04:49:20
It is more like that these laws are (and were) actually obeyed in Russia (and USSR), as opposed to the USA.
2008-03-06 01:40:42
Obviously, the child labor laws in Russia are a bit more relaxed than in the U.S.
2008-03-05 21:35:59
What is a little girl doing in this factory?
2008-03-05 16:04:47
Life continues