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Old Comments:

2010-04-04 10:09:46
Understood, Connie. And thankyou for your kindness. I appreciate it very much... :)
2010-04-04 09:48:29
Apologies are not required...certainly not to me. You're quite right that it can't always be helped. I have remembered a lot of photos or suspected some were re-posts, but when I did a search - none would pop up. So, the caption was either wrong on one of them, or, the name of the photographer was noted or mispelled on one of them. In that case, it's not fair to mention it, because I don't know who is responsible for the errors, or if it was done on purpose. So, I vote for it as if it was never posted. You're such a nice person that it really bugged me to mention it, but I would not be fair to the others.
2010-04-04 09:19:44
Sorry, Connie. I didn't know that this was already posted before. I'll be more careful next time. It can't always be helped though.... :(
2010-04-04 07:06:12
I remembered this photo; so I did a search under 'butterflies' - it came up as the 23rd photo. This is the first time I've seen you re-post. It was hard for me to do it, but I can't tell others that they are re-posting and not you - it would not be fair.