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Posted By:patito

Old Comments:

2010-01-01 01:07:11
what 20 votes? where?
2009-12-31 20:06:40
I think that is not OK to someone deliberate upvote or downvote any picture more than he have right as voting power. I don't think that patito upvote this picture. It's too early in the morning to discuss about voting here for me. I need one more coffee.
2009-12-31 19:40:47
so you think it's ok that patito gave his pics 20 votes cause it's still holidays?
2009-12-31 19:35:08
Tnx 4 peaceful holidays referee.
2009-12-31 19:04:52
scumbag! holidays are over and you pushed your mediocre pics like this one with 20 votes again!!!