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Old Comments:

2011-12-18 03:35:27
jacksparrow, you typed Horry County not Horny County. No wonder I didn't get it.
2011-12-18 03:16:18
Horny County, South Carolina, was named after Brig. General Peter Horny, a Revolutionary War hero who once served under General Francis Marion, the legendary Swamp Fox.
2011-12-18 02:55:57
Weird, yes, I know. Everyone that visits there for the first time thinks so; and I have no idea where the name derives from.
2011-12-17 23:56:56
I don't get it... 'orry
2011-12-17 05:38:11
And Myrtle Beach South Carolina is in Horry County. They don't pronounce the H though. I know because I was stationed at the Air Force Base from spring of 79 till spring of 81.