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Old Comments:

2010-06-05 09:14:19
thankz ve hav se biggest faschist off all hu haz appoint himzelf to se Fuhrer of Pixdaus: the great PATITO! He uzes all the mechaniks that ewery NAZI-leader neez to rule: no opposition, no ozzer opinions, denunciation of all uzers who are possibel enemies! Verri good! Heil Patito!
2010-06-05 09:04:51
Ja, zat eez gute ! Ve must alvays remember zat ve are ze Master Race, and ve must inforce our standards on ze rest of ze vorld, vether zey like it or not !
2010-06-05 08:56:58
Did he disturb you while you are voting for yourself, Patito? "I sink he is only watsching the most kriminal indiwiduum at Pixdauz: Patito! (Even if you kall yourself "Liberdad" here) Only someone who iz se whole day online like you Patito, iz able to write such a crap."