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Old Comments:

2010-02-06 11:39:24
On its way up now, bout time! Keep 'em coming and, hopefully someone can tell us all about it.
2010-02-05 14:17:32
Well, stranger & stranger, now it is down to 5 votes. I do not understand, it is such a comical set of pics that surely it deserves better? I also wonder if anyone knows the story?
2009-12-02 09:24:51
I agree - the photos themselves may not be great but the whole thing is so entertaining it deserves some recognition. I would love to have seen the further outcome!
2009-12-01 13:53:12
In some cases, jealously and fear of competion; other cases, different taste. I think it's funny and cute, and it deserves a lot more votes.
2009-12-01 13:45:13
Still going down - why?
2009-11-28 11:48:14
Something is wrong all right, yesterday when I voted for this fun set of pics it had 14 votes, today only 6! I am also puzzled by the viputerative tone of some comments re this post and some others I have viewed. . Why are are people being so nasty to each other here?
2009-11-27 13:42:01
This is a hoot! I love the expressions on the faces. Thereby must hang a tale of two!
2009-11-27 05:01:17
Cause you are a liar and an asshole!
2009-11-27 04:50:38
..comments about it being downvoted are being downvoted..wonder why ?
2009-11-27 04:33:58
Funny, entertaining....something different..but it's being downvoted..wonder why ?
2009-11-27 04:19:09
This is hilarious! :P
2009-11-26 20:50:00
ahahahahahahaha...... ahahahahahaaahh :))