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Old Comments:

2009-10-07 16:56:40
You are all douche's for making fun of this picture when it is clear he is suffering...Lets think about the fact that he probably died from that...but you're right it probably had to do with him not wanting to break a nail..You DOUCHE
2008-01-24 23:10:55
Seem to be chainmail gloves. For metal, sharp edges etc.
2008-01-07 22:48:35
It looks as if it could have been just after the tsunami of 2005.....
2007-12-31 19:57:13
didn't want to break his nails
2007-12-31 17:39:02
Why is he wearing gloves?
2007-12-31 10:52:33
reminds me of a scene from Star Wars - I kept waiting for the Princess to get her white outfit all wet so I could see her nipples
2007-12-31 10:30:46
what is he fishing for?
2007-12-31 10:25:27
2007-12-31 08:25:17
zomg that would scare the crap outta me!