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Posted By:Talat

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2009-02-25 05:09:43
You are quite correct that there is nothing romantic about war, Barton...but does it look to you as if these guys are killing anyone? Looks to me as if they are just looking from a high point out across a valley. Neither you nor I know anything at all about them other than that...we don't know their nationality..we don't know their mission..we don't know where they are or why they're there or what they're doing...they could be in their own country on a training exercise, or looking from their own country across a frontier into a neighboring country as far as we know. There are any number of ways to make an ass of way is to take a big running leap to a conclusion for which one has no evidence.
2009-02-25 03:32:26
Yeah, killing other people in THEIR home. There's nothing romantic about war, you arse.