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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-05-27 01:39:26
LOL about the snow getting across! - Yonks? That's Brit for 'a long time', 'ages'.
2009-05-27 01:35:33
The bridge is in Tsaritsino Park, Moscow. The estate was once owned by Catherine the Great, hence I remembered the 'imperial' part, but got the city wrong. ;-)
2009-05-25 11:29:17
"snow bridge"? How else would the snow get across. Yonks? Hey Poppy good to hear from you again.
2009-05-25 11:20:38
It's in the grounds of one of the imperial palaces near St Petersburg but I cannot remember which one. I posted a different view of it yonks ago... It's a beaut.
2009-05-24 23:35:06
It's lovely - the light adds a magically feel to the scene.
2009-05-24 14:51:28
unfortunately i don't i just know its in russia
2009-05-24 14:32:49
Do you know where it is ?