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Old Comments:

2010-02-15 18:03:18
Home of the CNN - Thanks for the info jacksparrow. I did hear on the news that Atlanta got snow. Is it humid in summer? And do you have a southern accent ? ;-) It's nice to know something about the folks on Pixdaus.
2010-02-15 12:31:38
Party at Jacksparrows House! Can anyone read the address on the house or license plate number? Maybe can try Google Earth - (just kidding)
2010-02-15 12:22:44
I'm in Rome Georgia. It's about 60 miles north of Atlanta.
2010-02-15 11:35:38
Nice home and car jacksparrow. Could you tell us approximately where you live - state or close to what city or...? Only if you are comfortable doing so.
2010-02-15 10:09:48
That's a shame, jacksparrow. It would've been really lovely to see the snow near the college and river. Maybe next time. I hope so.... :)
2010-02-15 08:33:15
You have a beautiful looking house, jacksparrow. And the area you live in looks wonderful too. We get no snow at all here in Melbourne, (Australia). I imagine that it would've been a real treat for you to have the snow where you are. Oh BTW, nice car too... :)
2010-02-15 04:54:19
The snow came Friday. Yesterday was nice and sunny. It's rare it snows this much down here so I just had to get a few shots.