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Posted By:connie

Old Comments:

2009-05-16 01:36:19
Ma cousine demeure a DsA, mais pas Dun sur Auron; mais sa ressemble. J'ai dit que je vais a Paris et une autre location ou un de mes parents est ne. Quand j'ai dit 'paye', je veux dire a une autre location en France. Demande a des amis ou voisins Francais quoi je veux dire avec "la France na pas etait gentille avec". Quand tu rpond, dit pas la location mais use un 'riddle' ou un autre mot.
2009-05-15 23:53:17
Thank you for your advice : this time, I did what you said/told. Happily : I had "wrong code ... ". And because of you, all was saved !
2009-05-15 23:47:49
En Francais, ca s'appelle une engueulade ;-) I understood your DsA like a riddle. A riddle for me. And no as a code for Internet. I wondered if I might say what means DsA, but because you spoke yourself about/of the departement, I concluded - too speedly - I might. I am not sure to understand what is the country you spoke about : I don't know any country avec lequel la France n'a pas ete gentille. And I say that without chauvinism : I am not born French. At least you mean le pays qui na pas ete gentil avec la France ? Please, would you excuse me for DsA?
2009-05-15 06:47:06
Good advice fuzzy blue one; that's what I do.
2009-05-15 06:45:51
J'avais seulement mis DsA parce-que il faut pas trop donner des informations sur l'internet. Quand j'ai ecrit "dans le paye ou la France n'a pas etait refere a la partie de la France ou je vais y aller cette ete. C'est pas une bonne idee de dire trop sur l'Internet. Alors, dit moi simplement si tu comprend cette phrase et ou un de mes parents est ne. Whenever someone gets a response/comment, we are advised on the email address we gave Pixdaus. So, I also get an email when you send me a message. J'espere que DsA sera une clef? Je comprend pas sa que vous voulez dire.
2009-05-15 06:42:05
libellule -If you write a long paragraph you should click and copy it before you send it then if it doesn't go through all you have to do is click to paste it and send it through again.
2009-05-15 06:11:57
Another new time more, I answered you a very large answer. Another time more, I had/ I have just had " : ... wrong code ... try again ..." En resume, my main words was : Dun sur Auron. And I don't know how you do/did so that each time you write/wrote, I have an automatic e-mail from Pixdaus saying " you received an answer from connie ... look at he pic (address) " J'espere que DsA sera une clef. Do you know Sherlock of Holmes ? ;-)
2009-05-15 04:30:56
Did you understand where I was going beside Paris? I said "c'est dans le paye ou la France n'a pas etait gentil avec". My cousin in Cher lives in DsA? Let me know if you know the full name of it.
2009-05-14 15:46:05
Yes, we are near le departement du Cher. It would have been with pleasure we open our very old house during your travel. But .... Paris, where we lived during 30 years, offers so many pleasures with its old streets, its bistrots, and, above all, for me, with its "grands musees", and its rare exhibitions, ... Have a good travel ! Today, your "colibri" bird is plenty of warmness and joy : I hope you will have a lot of success :-)
2009-05-14 07:52:04
I have a cousin who lives in the department de Cher. That's near the Loire Valley, I think. Anyways, I was there in the 1970s. I don't plan on going there this year. I will be spending my time in Paris, and also where one of my parents was born. Je ne veux pas dire trop mais c'est dans le paye ou la France n'a pas etait gentil avec ;-) (j'espere que vous comprendez). I don't think there is a way to exchange regular or e-mail addresses safely.
2009-05-14 03:22:05
It is incredible : I just wrote you a very large "reponse". And all is lost : " Now logged in as libellule. Wrong code, try again please 21" En resume : We are living in France. You guessed it ? In Loire Valley. My husband, and I, would be very happy to meet you. And those ones who are with you. We are living at the south east of the town of TOURS . 50 kM. If you want to go to the Loire Valley during your travel, I don't know how to exchange "silently" our addres(es). I loved your squirrels, the fat one, and the "sportif" one :-)
2009-05-14 02:02:55
SNCF a long time ago? Does SNCF not include TGV, RER, etc. I just made my reservations on the TGV for this summer through SNCF. C'est la premiere fois que je vais y alle avec le TGV. Es ce que vous demeurez en France? Jai des cousins en France.
2009-05-13 18:43:17
Yes, a long time ago :-) Now, we have the TGV, le Train a Grande Vitesse ... Train at very high speed ;-)