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Old Comments:

2008-12-07 08:40:32
I thought is was "Photo-Shopped" So I didn't think much of it. Thank-You ALL for your comments. There is so much "Shopping" here, I wish Pixduas would make another Suite for such work. I agree that it a tallent as well, but it is just diffrent... (Apples & Oranges)
2008-12-07 08:06:26
Oops, I meant to say planets...and I'll be dead in energy floating around the universe, checking things out...maybe with a camera.
2008-12-06 21:28:27
Correct...and of course those are planets, not way to tell the difference is that stars usually twinkle, planets usually don't...the larger and brighter one was Venus, the smaller and less bright one was Jupiter..actually, of course, Jupiter is MUCH larger than Venus, but appears smaller since it's further away..forgive me for explaining the obvious, but it's surprising how many people have no clue about this stuff, or about what's right over their heads in the night sky.....the big thing with the pointy ends was the moon, but you probably knew that...if you missed it this time, stick around for the next show.. I'll be 113 years old in 2052 but am gonna try for it !
2008-12-06 13:38:13
I think that was Venus and Jupiter this past Monday night
2008-12-06 13:28:49
Patito, any names to those stars? I wish I had seen that.
2008-12-06 11:15:05
It was spectacular here on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico..we'd just had a norther blow through so had clear skies, low humidity, perfect visibility...great viewing for three evenings...that particluiar alignment isn't going to happen again until November of 2052..
2008-12-06 01:49:07
Amazing... this did not look THIS good in my country.... :)