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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-06-11 15:42:43
Gratis, poppy!
2009-06-11 15:41:51
Ok, I'm going to bed, you all can serve yourself, it's on the house! :)
2009-06-11 15:34:16
I gave you some votes too, but I need any coffee. I'll take an egg sandwich though. ;)
2009-06-11 15:21:38
I've got some pi coming. No, that's not a typo it's pi pie. You'll see. ;)
2009-06-11 14:40:40
I just voted, now can I have it free? ...with coffee, please. ;-)
2009-06-11 14:22:16
I know it kind of looks like the moon surface, or some strange thing at first glance :)
2009-06-11 14:18:14
I'm glad I got your apetite going poppy, but are you pulling an A Bouts on me? comments but no votes,,, it's ok, but that will be a dollar seventy five for the eggs! : )
2009-06-11 14:16:57
I didn't even realize it was an egg till i read your comment. :-0
2009-06-11 13:41:57
Nice...I could do with a breakfast like that just about now. ;-)