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Posted By:ademiromano

Old Comments:

2010-12-07 05:58:30
I'm starting to propose me to architects, real estate agents (such as home staging consultant). It is not easy lady, but I want to be optimistic
2010-12-07 05:10:54
;-) By the way, have you started working as an Interior Decorator yet?
2010-12-06 21:31:59
yes, everywhere I'll found fun
2010-12-06 07:18:37
..and just where are you choosing to go naughty boy?
2010-12-06 05:06:48
good boy can go in paradise, naughty boy everywhere
2010-12-05 11:32:43
Naughty naughty Ademir - Gotinha, then A Bouts posted this photo already. A Bouts' upload has the caption "OMG! SLOW DOWN! Yer gonna get us killed". Speedy - you think like A Bouts ;-)
2010-12-05 10:33:11
"Slow down, you maniac ! You're going to kill us all !"