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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2009-09-19 10:11:58
Okay...I have more Loris and Tarsier photos somewhere in my files..will see if I can dig 'em out and post 'em ...
2009-09-19 08:28:30
I couldnīt see any difference between them :-|
2009-09-19 08:20:39
I think you're right...have found a couple of shots of each critter and posted them for comparison..
2009-09-19 06:36:20
Yeah, :) ...I think this is actually a Tarsier. They look a lot a like.
2009-09-19 06:18:03
Ha ha ha, I saw this picture in a site with the caption: "OMG, a branch!" - makes it so much funny :P