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Posted By:Taira

Old Comments:

2010-04-22 12:51:40
There is obviously some kind of clique here that try to stifle any kind of intelligent debate. Can a man not express admiration for another's clarity of thought and keen eye without being accused of impersonation? And the accusation comes from a cur who doesn't use his real name. If Taina claims this picture was taken at a zoo, which zoo? Taina would also try to fool you into the old lie that there are no white dingoes. Fortunately Picture Girl saw through this deceit. Even K9 patrol (who despite his name seems as blundering a veterinarian as he is a detective) admits the animal suffered mange, an easily treatable disease that would of course be dealt with in a zoo! K9's fist post says "not a wolf a dog!" Yet in his latest waffle he "concludes" wolf lineage! At least we know he is surely too feeble minded and inconsistent to be part of the cabal who seek to run this site and are responsible for the downvoting of comments and pictures which question their agenda. (One of these fascists has registered my name now as well to try and silence me). Yet it is my integrity that is questioned an in my first contributions to this site. If this animal were a dog I would tell a couple of you to get knotted.
2010-04-21 04:17:43
This comment was meant for RU questioner. I click 'reply to this' but the comments often go all over the place.
2010-04-21 04:16:10
Ru is not Patito bozzo the clown.
2010-04-21 00:45:05
Thankyou Patito. I appreciate it.
2010-04-21 00:09:59
My sincere apologies, Ma'm. I do try to mind my manners but every once in a while my true nature overwhelms my attempts at civilized decorum. I promise to try to do better.
2010-04-20 23:52:55
Please Patito, defend yourself if you must, but please leave the bad language out of it. I'm very sorry, but I find it highly offensive...:(
2010-04-20 23:45:38
Sorry, RUQuestioner, but I didn't write that, and you sound like a know-it-all asshole. Why don't you go fuck yourself ?
2010-04-20 15:59:58
RU, your sentence structure and vocabulary says "Patito" all over it. Just how are you and Patito connected. Is ru just a troll name used by Patito, or is there some other connection? By the way Connie, I hope you are reading this since you have been claiming that Patito had used a number of troll names.
2010-04-20 15:48:29
By the way, Taira's other image of this animal, that was uploaded today, was quickly voted into obscurity and is now gone. It did show the animal up and moving around and it was partially based on this image that caused me to conclude that it might be a hybrid animal with some degree of wolf lineage.
2010-04-20 15:43:33
If you will take the simple measure of looking above, ru, you will see that Taira, who uploaded the photo and presumably took it, states that it was taken at a zoo. I am taking her word for this as I think she is the one person who would know this.
2010-04-20 14:44:59
K9 I'm sorry but I no evidence whatsoever that this photo is from a zoological environment but I must agree it is a dreadful picture that discredits the gormless paparazziotonne and anyone else that has looked upon it.
2010-04-20 14:24:11
Well, we now know that the animal is in a zoo, but we don't know where or from where it originated. For a zoo animal it is very poorly cared for and apparently has mange. It certainly is not a full blooded wolf, but could be a mixture of part dog and part wolf, and possibly not even originating in the wild. And, I agree with dog pound, it is NOT a good photo.
2010-04-20 13:48:43
I had my suspicions about this poor animal having rigor mortis, but I didn't want to say anything about it. I felt very uncomfortable looking at this photo because of that reason. I thought that it had been wounded or worse still, that it had died. Poor thing... :(
2010-04-20 13:41:19
If I may add my two penneth, Patito is almost entirely correct regarding the origins of this creature but what you all have failed to grasp is that this is in fact an ex-Bear Dog, the signs of rigor mortis are quite obvious in the animal's legs. Blown away no doubt to satisfy the base bloodlust of some sub-human "hunter" who snapped this picture as some kind of macabre trophy. (I would imagine the wounds are hidden from view on the poor animal's nether regions). A sad day for us all. Would that Pixdaus allowed pictures of the similar grisly fates that frequently befall these trigger-happy troglodytes through their own crass stupidity and internecine squabbling. On a side note, Patito, please use the more broadly accepted scientific names for the benefit of the more credulous and science itself.
2010-04-19 09:13:41
Correction Taira. there are white dingoes around as well now...
2010-04-19 07:58:57
At Im 100% sure, it is a wolf;) After all it was written on a lable.. And btw colour of dingo is like a sand, not white.
2010-04-19 07:51:40
That is quite a yarn Patito, and very well written, a lot of people are going to believe this and Pixdaus is going to spawn yet another new animal, first the Snow Moose and now the Bear Dog.
2010-04-18 23:26:09
Nope, not getting me again, Patito. Once is enough for me.... :)
2010-04-18 23:12:45
Well, there's a reason for that. A couple of years back the Google Company sent a team of investigators down to Louisiana to check on and verify the existence of the Bear Dog. The way I heard the story, a member of the Google Team, a young smart-ass Yankee, got drunk and made a pass at one of the guides' young daughters. Well, more than a pass, actually. Anyway, the guides, in their subtle Cajun way, led the Google Team far back into the trackless depths of the swamp, and emerged a few days later without them. When questioned by the authorities, the guides said that the members of the Google Team had wandered off while bird-watching and had probably become lost and dis-oriented. The guides swore that although they had searched diligently, they'd been unable to locate any sign of the Google Team. One of the guides, Clemont Babineaux of Beaux Bridge, Louisiana, was later quoted in the New Orleans Times-Picayune as saying "Reckon' the gators prob'ly got dem fellers."
2010-04-18 22:59:42
Point taken, Coy. Thanks for that. Naughty boy, Patitio... :)
2010-04-18 22:56:14
Mary, you have got to stop believing Most all of what Patito says. I love Patito and his comments are fun to read, but he is so full of IT..He takes great pleasure in writing these and I take great pleasure in reading them,,but, but,but. take them with a SHAKER of salt.
2010-04-18 22:32:47
So why isn't there any info on Google about it ? That is very strange. I'll just have to take your word for it then. You seem to know more about this animal than I do...
2010-04-18 22:29:20
On my honor as a both Texan and as a Fisherman, two categories of humanity noted for their utter and complete honesty in all matters as well as for strict and un-wavering adherance to verifibale facts, I swear to you that every last word of the above is more or less the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Willie Nelson.
2010-04-18 22:19:36
Are you pulling our leg, Patito ? I just did a search under 'web' and image' for Canisursa coonassicus and nothing came up about it. At least I had a go at trying to identify what this creature is. Granted I failed. Apologies for that...
2010-04-18 21:44:11
Man, I am just amazed sometimes at how provincial, naive and uninformed some of you people are. This is very obviously a juvenile Louisiana Bear Dog ( Canisursa coonassicus), a species well known to sportsmen and outdoorsmen throught the Lower South. Although the origins of the Bear Dog were for many years uncertain and not well understood, folk lore had it, and scientists had believed, that they resulted from the un-intended breeding of large donmestic dogs brought from France by the Acadians with the small and nimble native wild Swamp Bears ( Ursa batonrougia ). Recently, studies of the animals' DNA by geneticists at LSU have confirmed this, and the Bear Dog is one of the few documented examples of inter-species cross-breeding known to science. But unlike the Swamp Bears from whom they are descended, who are quite elusive and rarely encountered in the wild, the Bear Dog is , in addition to being extremely intelligent, quite affable and friendly, and are known to be fond of human company. They've been known to come into the camps of hunters and fishermen in the evenings, sit around the fire, bum smokes, laugh at jokes, and even chug a few cans of Dixie, of which they are inordinately fond.
2010-04-18 20:38:29
I don't think that we have that kind of forest here. We normally have eucalyptus and wattle. So maybe it's not a dingo. Back to the drawing board again, I'm afraid... :(
2010-04-18 18:06:31
The photo is in what appears to be a deciduous oak forest, do you have any of those in Australia where dingo's occur? We have a lot of Oak forests in North America, but would never find wolves or dingos in them. I agree with K9 Patrol and dog pound on it not being a wolf. Anybody that has ever seen the forepaws on a wolf would recognize this as well. The forepaws on this animal are small like those on a dog. Where was this picture taken, Taira?
2010-04-18 17:44:25
It could be a dingo...
2010-04-18 17:38:23
I agree 100% K9 Patrol, and what is more is that it is not even a good photo.
2010-04-18 17:32:06
Not a wolf! This is a dog!