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Old Comments:

2009-07-22 08:22:55
Black people also owned slaves. Black people sold slaves too. That Right folks -Blacks sold members of their own race into slavery and also owned their own kind. This was NOT just a white thing. Slavery still goes on today. What are the blacks doing about the continuing slavery? Not much - they are only concerned about what they can get for themselves for something that happened centuries ago.
2009-07-22 07:50:49
That sign makes me so Sad,Do not judge a man or woman by the color of their skin.
2009-01-25 00:05:21
Oh well..that makes it all okay, huh ?
2009-01-24 22:38:45
(a) It's impossible to determine the color of the man with the gun. (b) The first slave-owners in the Americas were Native Americans. (c) The answer to (b) is irrelevant and does not in the least mitigate the enormity of the crime commited by our white ancestors against African blacks.
2009-01-24 12:10:26
What color is the man with the rifle? What do you know about the first slave-owner in the Americas?
2009-01-24 07:12:33
patito, you sure get your point across ;-)
2009-01-23 22:53:06
The guy with the gun was there for what is today called 'inventory control.'
2009-01-23 21:54:54
"Can't sit around on the streets with a rifle" .. is all you got out of that picture? The big ol' "Negro Sales," sign didn't inspire a response, but the guy sittin' with a rifle did?
2009-01-23 17:45:47
You sure can't sit around on the street with a rifle like you used to.