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Posted By:farhad

Old Comments:

2009-02-02 20:52:34
این پیرمرد چی خورده که آنقدر نیرو دارد
2008-12-04 21:51:39 ALMOST have a troll for the first time! Be proud, that is a distinction not afforded many! ;-) Your Almost Troll writes under the name sklp, which clearly IS an effort to delude us into thinking that it is you. P.S. Something really WEIRD is going on with the voting today.
2008-12-04 21:11:00
My guess is that Farhad entered the word for 'jump' in his native language into a translator, which produced not just 'jump' but probably also 'leap' and 'skip' and maybe 'vault' and 'hop'...not knowing which was the most appropriate, he picked 'skip'...great photo, by the way...
2008-12-04 19:45:12
Poppy, the skip you know is a woman, not an old man, haha but I wondered why farhad wrote skip there maybe that is the guys name, it actually reminds me of my grampa because he told the story a million times of how he won the pole vaulting championships,anyway my name is turning up on here where I didn't write the comments, but I stand by what I said to (ok) I think it was rude of him to call farhad an idiot, unjustified, and I'm still wondering if he is going to explain his way of detecting cheaters.
2008-12-04 19:30:15
Farhad: He does not look anything like the Skip I know! ;-) This is not 'skipping' but 'jumping' or, actually, vaulting.
2008-12-04 19:14:39
He is a strong old man.