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Old Comments:

2010-09-09 12:04:55
You are very welcome, Skip. If it wasn't for Wikipedia, it would be hard to find out info about things. Like yourself, I love the beautiful, rich colours of this flower too... :)
2010-09-09 09:26:09
Thanks for the info Mary, you are really good at finding out about things, I will look at the other pics of hollyhocks you and Connie posted, I just can't get over the beautiful rich color on this one, :)
2010-09-09 08:57:07
You are very welcome, Connie. I will take a look at the pictures you posted of the hollyhock flowers. I also posted one of hollyhock too awhile ago. The doubled petaled versions of this flower is/are extremely beautiful... :)
2010-09-09 06:52:38
I remembered the name of those flowers when I got up this morning. Thanks PictureGirl. I posted a couple of photos of those flowers before on Pixdaus. You may want to check them out. They are beautiful flowers. I particularly like them against a stone/rock wall.
2010-09-08 14:36:55
These flowers are hollyhock flowers, ladies....
2010-09-08 14:27:42
You're welcome skip. I know the name of those flowers but I draw a blank - must be my age;-) They come in different colours.
2010-09-08 13:27:44
I'm not sure what kind of flower that is Connie, but that is the most beautiful shade of pink/red/purple, they look almost like Morning faves) I still don't understand why the other pics were deleted, but I'm not just being polite, when I say these are gorgeous! thanks, :)
2010-09-08 05:01:02
I posted this photo, then it 'disappeared', so I re-posted it; it also disappeared. I had e-mailed Chris at Pixdaus to delete a photo that I had posted twice. Simone responded to say she would delete it, and at the same time finally told me they had deleted the photo. Their reason is that it's a Getty Image. There is absolutely no reference to a Getty Image where I got the photo - at flickr. I will contact them to ask what is going on. Also, 7 more photos for the others have disappeared: fuzzy blue one Gabrielle jchip8 Knickerbocker patito Savannah Steampunk But, Simone did not mention those.