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Old Comments:

2010-03-18 15:00:12
Aren't intact dinosaur bones millions of years old often dug up completely intact? There is a very complete Tyranasaur rex skeleton on display at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh.
2010-03-18 11:27:09
The softer, organic parts of bone such as the periosteum make up only about a third of the structure of bones. The remaining two thirds are composed largely of inorgamic compounds, especilly calcium, and are quite durable, and especially so in a cold, dry climate such as the high arctic.
2010-03-18 07:21:35
Wouldn't the whale bone degrade quickly out in the elements?
2010-03-17 17:31:11
Before wood and prefab structures were available to the Inuit peoples in Alaska, they made their living structures with a frame of whale bones, that they then covered with mud, lichens, peat moss, hides, etc. and then with snow in the winter. The snow provided very good insulation from the outside cold and kept the inside of the structure quite a bit warmer. While the Inuit no longer do this, it is not hard to find old whalebone structures, such as this, with the supporting elements intact, especially in old Inuit villages such as Tikigaq. The Inuit refer to any living structure, irregardless of its construction elements as an igloo. Persons from further south tend to think of an igloo as an Inuit/Eskimo structure made strictly from blocks of snow or ice.