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Old Comments:

2008-10-09 13:59:42
To Lilly, Poppy and all other non Trolls: I got a warning from my security that they have found a 'Trojan horse program' and quarantined it. But, when I followed the instructions there was no file listed!! My security program has been blocking viruses for the last couple of weeks(something that has never happened before). The only thing they ever blocked before was Spyware, and they are pretty harmless. Also, I'm getting a lot of pop-ups even when I'm not even on the internet. That also has never happened before. Some of those pop-ups are from ads I've seen on the Pixdaus site ie Zwinky... The only web site I've been on in the last three weeks is Pixdaus. So, I'm exiting from it. That should make Troll poppy happy. I suggest you all be careful, and hope you have good security.
2008-10-09 12:36:48
Troll, I hate to disappoint you, but voting me down is no problem. By all means, go ahead. You must live a very pathetic little life if you get some excitement in what you are doing. I'm too old to be annoyed by childish behaviour.
2008-10-09 12:33:07
You haven't gone under your rock yet troll?
2008-10-09 12:32:11
Go back under your rock troll
2008-10-09 11:26:24
I'm most probably old enough to be your mother, so I'll give you some motherly advise. Grow up little girl; mature people don't have a fit when someone disagrees with them. Your comment '....leave this site if you are going to continue to challenge me here', is bizarre. What you seem to be saying is that if anyone disagrees with you, they should leave the site. OR AM I MISSING THE POINT? Perhaps you slept through geography at school.
2008-10-09 07:16:26
No, I did not miss your point poppy. Sonny750 made a very broad statement without backing it up. I mentioned the population because sometimes people mix up the size of land mass with the size of the population. I'm not saying you did, but some others do. Also, I have such a great love of history, geography etc. that I like to share some knowledge with others and learn from them. I thoroughly enjoy some posters work i.e. starboardside and farhad... because their photos say a lot. None of us know everything; we can all learn from each other.
2008-10-09 04:48:28
...and you missed my point: if the font sizes are supposed to represent the sizes of the countries, then the picture fails, that's all. And Sonny750 did not ask for statistics. Of course Canada is ahead of the US! Did I say it wasn't? But it's not twice as big, which the font size would indicate. And what do the populations have to do with any of it? You tend to go off the track all the time. Don't teach me geography, Connie, because it is part of my everyday work. ;-)
2008-10-09 03:54:08
Poppy, I was responding to Sonny750's comment. My comment that I don't have one for all the countries was an attempt at joking; obviously I failed. You just need to google 'largest countries'. In all cases, Canada is ahead of the US...Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook agree. You also just need to look at any map. However, the US population is much bigger than Canada. There are as many people in the state of California than in all of Canada. The Yukon & Nortwest Territories and Nunavut in northern Canada are sparsely populated.
2008-10-08 15:39:31
I have just briefly looked at 6 sites (and there are many more) listing the biggest countries of the world by land area. Each list had slightly differing figures, and none of them matched your list. Who can say which is the accurate one and, frankly, who cares? I, for one, am glad you did not have a list for all the countries of the world, otherwise we'd be here till Christmas, reading it. Sonny750 is capable of googling the information for himself, if interested. I know you mean well, Connie, but there's such a thing as being too eager to provide information for which no one has asked. ;-) Moreover, Sonny750 has a valid point: e.g. the font sizes on Canada and USA are in no way in proportion with the land areas of the two countries.
2008-10-08 07:38:41
Hi Sonny 750 Here is a list of the 26 biggest countries (Antarctica not being a country). Sorry, but I don't have one for all the countries. Country sq. km sq. miles size Russia 17,075,200 6,592,772 Antarctica 14,000,000 5,405,430 Canada 9,976,140 3,851,809 United States 9,629,091 3,717,813 China 9,596,960 3,705,407 Brazil 8,511,965 3,286,488 Australia 7,686,850 2,967,909 India 3,287,590 1,269,346 Argentina 2,766,890 1,068,302 Kazakhstan 2,717,300 1,049,155 Sudan 2,505,810 967,499 Algeria 2,381,740 919,595 D.R. Congo 2,345,410 905,568 Greenland 2,166,086 836,330 Saudi Arabia 1,960,582 761,606 Mexico 1,972,550 756,985 Indonesia 1,919,440 741,100 Libya 1,759,540 679,362 Iran 1,648,000 636,296 Mongolia 1,565,000 604,250 Peru 1,285,220 496,226 Chad 1,284,000 495,755 Niger 1,267,000 489,191 Angola 1,246,700 481,354 Mali 1,240,000 478,767
2008-10-07 19:06:13
this pic is far from being precise! the one who made it has no knowledge of geography ;-)
2008-10-06 13:25:09
I'm having the above problems during the day, not just evening. So, you're also getting pop-ups? In the last couple of days, my security program blocked six viruses. I've never had problems with viruses before. Interesting thing is that Pixdaux is the only web site I'm been on in the last couple of weeks!!!
2008-10-06 13:11:26
no problem, many photo here, can't help if it's a re post,i am having problems with all the above, maybe it's the time of day, screwy internet !cool photo , as i said one liked it ... but to many don't pay att: with what is going on in today's world !
2008-10-06 13:03:20
Sorry Lilly; I wouldn't have posted it under my username if I had known you already posted it. It's interesting that the size of the font was used instead of statistics to indicate the difference between countries re size. I have downloaded 100s of pictures in the last year or so. I see some of them showing up on Pixdaus. I should record that so I don't repeat them. On another subject, are you having problems getting on the site and/or clicking on 'Newly added' and/or 'Recently posted'? Also, I'm getting pop-ups from some advertisements from the site, even when I'm not on the internet!!
2008-10-06 12:32:31
Did this one before, don't know why ? no one like it .I thought it was pretty cool.