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Old Comments:

2010-08-27 22:14:54
A picture of Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull's fellow Sioux Chief, who was with him at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, has just been posted. So yes, Cochise, there are photos of Crazy Horse.
2010-08-27 22:08:44
I believe the photo uploaded earlier was this same photo that had been doctored. The eyes had been made to look to the person's right, and instead of the feathers there was an old pair of wire-cutter pliers . Custer got what he deserved. He was vain and arrogant . Too bad he had to take all those brave troopers with him.
2010-08-27 21:55:22
Cochise, It was a different photo that was uploaded earlier and voted to obscurity. That photo was also of Sitting Bull, but with different headgear (feathers). It was posted by me using the name of Crazy Horse, as I am doing in this comment. Sitting Bull was the chief of the Lakota Sioux that defeated General Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
2010-08-27 21:43:40
A version of this photo of Sitting Bull was posted earlier and identified as Crazy Horse. There are no known photographs of Crazy Horse.