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Old Comments:

2008-11-15 23:28:07
Thing is, just about every human group in history that has had some kind of advantage over their neighbors, be it military or technological advantage, commercial advantage, or a superior level of political organization, has used that advantage to exploit, conquer, enslave, colonize or destroy people less well able to defend themselves. Folks here in the U.S. are no different, neither better nor worse. Your ancestors probably did it to somebody, Iamme, unless you're a Hopi or an Innuit.
2008-11-15 22:13:36
GO USA, WOOT WOOT! nah, maybe not ;) i dunno how americans can get out of bed in the morning with their history!
2008-07-21 01:18:47
One of our earlist home-grown concentration camps. That's exactly what it was, folks, and we oughta be ashamed of it.