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Old Comments:

2008-03-02 17:34:06
I wish I knew how to post pictures. All I have is a laptop which I use at home and a printer. Anyway, we do have a few excursion steamers here in Arizona. The most famous is the grand canyon railway. Then we have one in scottsdale and one in clarksdale. Maybe a few others. Then Pennsylvania has the Kempton Southern and Wannamaker. The Middletown and Hummelstown. Incidentally, the three mile island nuclear power plant is in Middletown. The well known railway is the Strasburg railroad which goes through the heart of the Amish country. PennDutch folks ride it almost every day. There's a few more. The RR museum at Strasburg is truly awesome as well. There's also a motel there where tourists are put up in retired rail cabooses, and a resturaunt that consists of old dining cars. The list goes on. There's even a gigantic indoor model railroad village. A diesel powered small train for kids. Antique stores that sell tons of railroad memorabilia. Model railroading shops. The place was a train nuts dream. In the 5 years that I lived there I went into Strasburg every chance I got. Truly worth visiting for about a week if you ever head that way.
2008-02-25 14:42:33
You should not be afraid. Even if they vote them down, your scores will go up.:D So IF you find them appropriate, post them.
2008-02-25 14:30:59
I do not. I do have some pictures of trip from Moscow to Cheboksary but if I post them, they will not be well received... I also have photos of C.P.R. trains. But again I am afraid to post them...
2008-02-25 13:23:28
I rode this one many years ago. Do you have pictures of the steam trains at Strasburg, Pennsylvania?