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Posted By:jujuba

Old Comments:

2009-10-18 15:28:35
I got Patitoīs point Poppy, I know he was trying to cheer me up, I was just playing along ;-) And about the cat-dog 'race' - everyone put a smile on each otherīs faces for a while with the funny pics, so we can all be called winners :)
2009-10-18 14:59:53
Patito's gnome story was meant to cheer you up, Jujuba... gnomes are not cruel, they're mischievous. - The truth of the matter is that we have some disturbed individuals here in Pixdaus who have designated themselves the AntiFunPolice. They punish us instantly if any merriment or enjoyment occurs. Unable to join in the fun, they vote our pics down because that’s the only way they can make their presence known. This happened when we had the train race and it happened again with our dog & cat race. Anyway, you reposted your kitty, it got the votes it deserved (the downvoters were gone by then)… and congrats, you won the race! ;-)
2009-10-18 13:16:47
I always thought gnomes were good creatures Patito, never thought they could be so cruel :-|
2009-10-17 23:40:27
That sort of thing just happens around here, Juju.....sometimes one of the gnomes who sort, file and store the photos at the big Pixdaus Works main building will carelessly drop a photo on the floor..if no one sees it it may get swept up by the housekeepers at the end of the day and tossed in the trash...or, if it's a pretty day, the gnomes like to open the windows....then if a thunderstorm comes along, photos can be blown out one of the open windows and never seen again...then again, sometimes one of the gnomes will like a photo so much they'll take it home to show their children, and the children will want to keep it and tape it to the refrigerator door....that's probably what happened to your kity picture...
2009-10-17 23:13:26
Bye Poppy :) Hey, what happened to my praying cat picture? It just vanished :O :O :-(
2009-10-17 15:20:26
Horses sound good to me for the next race. - May I go to bed now? It's seven in the morning already... ;-) 'Bye, All.
2009-10-17 15:06:17
Yeah, something which is more like, general knowledge :P For example, I donīt understand anything about trains :-| But I love the pics of trains you guys post :)
2009-10-17 15:00:25
Yeah, next week we could have a horse race, everyone seems to like horse pics. :)
2009-10-17 14:47:29
Donīt forget to invite me for the next 'race' ;)
2009-10-17 14:45:07
This is so sweet jujuba, I think those wolf dogs are one of the most photogenic dogs, with the beautiful blue eyes..see you are good at this after all! :)