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Posted By:Danis51

Old Comments:

2009-06-14 16:44:10
Yes I'm Greek and I believe that Santorini island is the first and then come the others.I try to make vacations every year to another island and each of them has something different to remember. Myconos is also very popular (but noisy),Naxos, Patmos,Symi from the small ones. Crete and Rhodos are beautiful but you need more days to spend to them because are from the big ones.
2009-06-14 16:20:34
Danis, I think you said you live in Greece. Which two islands would you consider the most beautiful?
2009-06-14 16:19:17
The best way to eat shrimp - sauteed with butter, minced garlic, fresh lemon juince.
2009-06-14 16:18:00
OK,I will come and I'll bring with me a bottle of ouzo and tzatziki salad...hi jacksparrow
2009-06-14 16:17:14
I don't care about that if a person makes some effort to do a search before posting. In this case, if you had searched under 'shrimps', you would have seen just one photo - this one posted by me. If you had searched under 'shrimp', you would only seen eight. In other words, you did not have to go through pages of photos. I don't blame anyone who reposts if the original posters did not show a tag, or if you have to go through pages to look. That would be too time consuming. Today, Gotinha posted three reposts, which is unusual for her (more likely to happen to me). So, I suspect, those photos were originally not properly tagged. Also, some posters have limited or no knowledge of the English language, so it would be difficult for them to tag or search. This is a universal site, so we need to take that into account and be sensitive about this.
2009-06-14 16:01:36
I had some shrimp today at the Chinese buffet.
2009-06-14 15:59:24
I am very sorry connie,I post the same picture and I realized it of course after your comment.
2009-06-14 12:46:34
They are Ambonian shrimps, aka Squat Anemone shrimps. I know, cause I beat you to it ;-)